Colds and Snuggles

The children and I spent the weekend in Michigan with my parents only to come home to a sick husband/dad. We all have it now. It's just a nasty cold, but the kind that makes you think you have a fever and are going to die. My son actually does have a fever, though. The doctor says he has an ear infection. Poor guy.

Today is Capri's five month Birthday. We celebrated (in between naps on the couch) with rearranging the rooms upstairs so that Capri can have her very own bedroom. Cassi (now spelled without the 'e' at the end so her name matches Capri's) was not taking naps well with Capri sharing her bedroom, and the office upstairs was no longer being used anyway.

Caring for sick children at home means I don't have an outfit to post, but I do get extra hugs and loves from my children, which got me thinking about what I'm loving about them most right now . . .

  1. The smile all three give when they are being loved by me. I need to spend more time giving them hugs for that smile.
  2. When CJ dutifully tells me dinner was good when I know he hated it.
  3. A few days ago while I was getting ready to go out Cassi looked up at me adoringly and said so sincerely, "Mommy, you are SO pretty." I know she meant it, because I remember saying that to my Mom in the same way when I was her age. So precious!
  4. The knowing look CJ gives me when both of us are starting to lose our patience with the whiny girls. It kills me that he's so mature that he knows not to lose his temper and bite his lip just like I do when the girls cry.
  5. The fact Capri's world can immediately become perfect at the sight of her Mommy.
  6. Capri and Cassi love to play with my hair when I hold them. They fondle it so tenderly, it makes me feel so loved.
  7. When Cassi pretends to nurse her baby dolls and insists there is a baby in her belly. Too cute!
There is so much more I'm loving about them, but we'll stop at this and call it a night.

Hope you all had a good day!