My Budding Fashionista

When I was growing up my Mom did all the laundry on Monday. She made sure we had exactly seven play outfits for each day of the week, and at least one church outfit for Sundays. Minimalism was very important to Mom.

I've followed in her footsteps for my children. Each season I make sure they have at least seven play outfits and one church outfit. On Mondays I do all the laundry. While I fold, I match up outfits before putting the folded, clean laundry in their drawers.

This outfit that Cassi is wearing is my favorite. Since there are only seven outfits in rotation, I get to see her in this a lot (which is why you've seen her in this outfit on this blog already), but today's variation brought a smile to my face. She insisted on wearing her puppy purse, her necklace that matched her hair bow, her new sneakers, and she couldn't put her dolly down. My little Mommy heart couldn't stand all the cuteness.

Shirt - H&M - $13 Similar for $18
Jeans - Gap Kids - $10 Similar for $25
Sneakers - Target - $6 Similar for $29