Me and My Boy

I'm loving these shoes for this harsh Winter. They have just enough heel to make me feel polished. The buckles are a snazzy detail, the leather gives them durability, and the rubber soles gives me the traction I need to walk through the minimal snow and ice that seem to always be on the walkways no matter how fast we shovel.

Sweater - Target via Goodwill - $4
T-shirt - Everlane - $15
Coated jeans - Old Navy - $9
Booties - Steve Madden via DSW - $20

This good looking guy here is my right hand man. Without him I don't know where I'd be. He gives me purpose, his passion for life ignites my own, and his patience with all my parenting mistakes I do not deserve.

I've been thinking a lot on parenting lately and reading some here and there. You see, CJ is my firstborn. I'm always confused and shocked when he's not perfect. How could it be that sometimes he doesn't share with his friends, or hits (gasp) his friends, or throws a temper tantrum like a 2-year-old? Could it be I'm doing something wrong? I've been searching the Scriptures and my heart, as well as reading a few parenting books to try and figure this out. 

During my times in prayer, God has gently reminded me that I need to change my own attitudes and behavior before I can expect my son to change his. I knew there was one big step I needed to take to that end. I knew I needed to apologize to CJ. I genuinely apologized to him for all the times I've lost my temper with him and gotten frustrated with him when he doesn't behave or act exactly the way I want him to. I told him my responses to his misconduct were wrong and that I would try harder in the future to focus on his heart more than just his outward behavior. He was stunned that I condescended to him like this, but his eyes softened and he gave me a big hug. He told me that I didn't need to apologize. That moms never do anything wrong. Ah! If only!

Since apologizing, I have tried hard to stay true to my promise to him, but find that my apologies have become more frequent as I still fail all the time.  He has loved me so much more for my apologies, and in turn, also tried so much harder to behave the way I want him to without me having to even ask him.

This parenting thing seems to keep getting harder with each year, but thankfully there's enough love and grace to go around and CJ and I are learning and getting through everything together.