Boyfriend Jeans and a Classic Peacoat

Ha! Can you tell I haven't quite figured out my new camera yet?

Finally a clear shot. Eventually I'll get this figured out!

Over the weekend I caught a nasty stomach bug. I'm eating again, but my stomach is still pretty weak and sore. Even though I'm not a huge fan of boyfriend jeans for my body type, I love that I can pull these out whenever I need something comfortable. They are so soft and hang so loose around my waist (perfect for my sore stomach). I bought these at Goodwill for only $5 in an in-between size right after Capri was born. They've been great for days at home when I needed something loose and baggy to accommodate my postpartum belly. After this stomach flu these jeans are officially too big for me, so this is the last time I'll be wearing them. Hopefully that means I'll be able to fit into another pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans.

Jeans - Levi's via Goodwill - $5 Really wanting these for $79
Sweater - Land's End via Goodwill - $2 Similar for $20
Booties - Guess via DSW - $20 Similar for $35
Peacoat - Gap Outlet - $20 Similar for $95