On Blogging and Electric Blue

I have such a love hate relationship with this blog. I hate how superficial and vain it is. I hate that it takes up so much time, but not enough time that it will ever be professional. I hate that it's not a professional blog. I hate that it leaves me vulnerable for others to judge my motives or my looks or my style. I hate that it has documented all of my style failures.

And that being said, I love how superficial and vain it is. I love that I don't have to be intelligent or deep when posting. It's like TV - it's entertainment for me. And I love that it doesn't take up much time at all. I love that there's no pressure since it isn't a professional blog. I can make all the typos and fashion mistakes I want. There's no pressure to post every day or even every week. I love that it has documented all of my style endeavors over the past several years. 

 In the end, this silly little blog of mine is a great little hobby and I enjoy it because I like taking pictures. I like being a model for a moment. I like colors. I like clothes. I like outfits. I like shoes. I like following and experimenting with trends. I like being my own live paper doll.

Now how about these electric blue pants? I haven't worn them since this post and I miss them.

Pants - Gap - $7 Similar for $10
Sweater - Target - $6 Similar for $47
Heels - FarylRobin via eBay - $17 Cute option and leather, too! for only $22!