Indoor Gardening

Last week I decided it was high time we start some seedlings for our garden. We skipped gardening last year due to my pregnancy, but we have no excuse not to this year.

The kids were so excited at the prospect of getting to start their garden that I couldn't resist buying these cute trowels and gardening gloves that they begged me for at Wal-Mart (yes, we bought all of our supplies and seeds at Wally World).

It was still a bit chilly outside, so I let them put everything together right on our kitchen table. Yes. It was very messy. 

They did so well following my instructions. I only wish I had bought more planters!

We cut out the seed covers for garden labels and then taped them to coffee stirrers.

After everything was planted and watered I set the planter on our dining room window seat so they can get full sun indoors.

Here's to hoping we did everything right and we end up with hardy seedlings to start our Spring garden within a month or two!