My Simple SAHM Workout Plan

I love running, but working in the time to run or exercise can get tricky with a nursing infant and two other needy children. My husband likes to stay up past midnight to visit with me since he's a night owl, so I'm becoming less and less of a morning person, making the time to squeeze in exercising even trickier. I've learned to take advantage of my SAHM status to get my workouts in during the day with my children. While my babies are small, I incorporate them into my workout routine as well.

1. Plies. I try to do at least 30 deep plies while holding Capri and then pulse for at least 20 times in this position at least once a day. Sometimes the only time I have to do this is while I'm waiting for something in the microwave or when I'm talking on the phone. 

2. Plank. I get a 2 minute plank in while cooing at Capri. This usually happens in the evening after the two older kids have gone to bed.

3. Push-ups. I do 20-25 push-ups, but I only go down as far as it takes for me to get a good kiss on Capri. This is Capri's favorite exercise!

4. Lunges. I do 20 lunges (or are these knee bends or dips?) on each leg while holding Capri. 

5. Curtsy Jumps. This is an exercise I usually only get in if Capri is fussing. The swinging movement helps to calm her down. I get antsy when all I'm doing is holding a baby, and this move helps me to feel like I'm at least accomplishing something (not that holding my baby isn't accomplishment enough, it can just get a little boring when I'm doing it for hours).

6. Baby Raises. Every mom does this exercise numerous times a day. Not sure I should even count this as an exercise.

7. Seated Dips. Capri thinks I'm playing peek-a-boo when I do these. I do about 15-20 of these a few times a week and hope to work up to doing them every day with more reps.

8. Calf Raises. I also do calf raises while holding Capri - no particular number of how many I do. I just try to get these in whenever I'm standing around waiting for something or even while I'm teaching CJ.

9. Squats. I'll try to get one squat in a night where I just put myself in a seated position without any back or seat support while I hold Capri out in front of me. I hold this position for 30 seconds and am working up to 60 seconds. 

10. Stretching. I took a yoga class while I was pregnant with Capri and have tried to continue with keeping up the basic moves I learned, like downward dog. Capri stays right beside me while I stretch and for all she knows, I'm just playing with her. The stretching feels great and it keeps Capri entertained.

11. Running With The Kids. The weather is finally mild enough to take the girls with me on my runs, which means I don't have to wait till Chris is around to babysit while I either run outside or run at the gym. When I run with the kids we just do a 5K and I don't shoot for a fast pace.

12. Stairs. We live in an old historic home with a pretty high staircase. When I'm stuck inside (which happened a lot this winter) and need some cardio, I run up and down the stairs about 10 times while holding Capri.

Other ways I've found to fit in a workout is by using the exercise channel on our On Demand cable. The kids love to do this workout with me. When I'm really motivated I just go to the gym in the mornings. When Capri is on a predictable morning schedule I hope to switch to working out in the mornings again, but until then, the plan above keeps me strong and energetic.