Outfit Travel Tips for Traveling with an Infant

Just got back at 2:30AM yesterday from my Fort Worth trip. My friend Jenny lives there. We've been friends since preschool and while both of us have moved several times since then, we have always been good about keeping up the relationship. My sister also met up with us from Florida. The three of us have always been close, and the three of us haven't been together at the same time for five years. Such a sweet reunion we had!

My last post shared with you a Polyvore version of what I wore on the flight. I just thought I'd share with you why I chose those pieces for any of you needing ideas for what to wear while traveling with an infant:

1. I braided my hair to keep it looking kept, while staying out of my face (this is important since Capri loves to play with my hair, and being in close quarters on a plane for 3 hours means the hair needed to stay out of reach as much as possible). I put the back in a low pony for the flight.

2. I wore a scarf for modesty since Capri pulls at my t-shirts, and for added coverage while breastfeeding in public. A scarf is also nice for cool Texas breezes, not to mention it adds a fun element to my outfit that won't set off the metal detector and ties in the color from the flats I chose to wear.

3. I wore leggings for comfort. I had to wake up at 4AM to make my flight, then drive 90 minutes to the airport, plus sit on a plane for 3 hours. Soft knit around my middle is important when that much sitting is involved.

4. I wore a long white t-shirt that I knew I could mix and match with other outfits during my trip and wouldn't distract from the colorful scarf and the cardigan.

5. I wore flats for easy off and on through security, as well as easy walking to and from parking lots and terminals. I chose a bright flat to keep my leggings and white t-shirt from looking too boring.

6. I wore a light cardigan for extra warmth for the flight that was breathable enough it wouldn't overheat me in case the weather was too warm in Texas, and for extra coverage for breastfeeding - it also comes in handy to wear layers if I happen to spill on my shirt.

Straight form the flight, Jenny picked us up from DFW and took us to the Southlake outdoor mall for some shopping and lunch.

Both my sister and I had been up since 4AM that morning, so after lunch and shopping, a Starbucks run was necessary to keep us awake.

One vanilla macchiato later, and I was good to go for the rest of the day. 
Jenny made us tortellini pasta for dinner once we got to her house and we spent hours and hours chatting about life. 

She has her home decorated so cute, I couldn't resist sharing with you her perfectly styled-for-Spring mantle.

 More on the trip to come soon!