The Most Flattering Dresses For Wedding Season

Remember this dress? I already wore it to the event I originally bought it for, but decided last minute to wear it this past Saturday for a bridal shower that I hosted (I plan to wear it to two weddings yet next month). I paid quite a bit more for it than what I normally pay for clothes, so I'm determined to get my money's worth out of this dress and wear it as much as I can this year!

Back in January when my postpartum body was still very much in the "postpartum" stage, I anticipated that I'd have several events this year and decided to go on a special shopping trip to find the most slimming dress I could find.

It's funny, when you want to slim down and disguise flaws, usually what works best is something that is fitted as opposed to hiding under a tent dress that will just make you look larger. Now there's a huge difference between tight and clingy and tight and fitted. I knew I needed a dress that was tailored perfectly, which is why I tailored it even more so the dress would lay just right on my body.

I was also glad to find a dress with these flattering black panels. The center panel down the front of the dress draws the eye inward creating an illusion that I'm narrower than I really am. Love that. I added a pointy toed black pump which elongates my body even more because of the length of the toe.

I bought this dress at Off Fifth Saks Fifth Avenue for ::gasp:: $90! I found it on one of my shopping trips with my sister and best friend while in Fort Worth a couple of months ago. I had planned to splurge, and ahem, I did.

You can find the same dress, just in a different color here for almost half of what I paid.

I love this brand of dress for their flattering cuts and silhouettes. Here are a few other options if you too are interested in disguising any figure flaws.

That waist cinching "X" line on this dress will work miracles. You can buy it here for under $40.

Love these figure slimming panels on this black and blue number, available at Last Call Neiman Marcus for $70.

This dress has that slimming center line like my dress - but check out the fabulous back detail! You can buy it at Bonton for $60.

Absolutely love this dress - and of course it's the most expensive. I love the fact that the neckline has that fun crisscross pattern, but you can still wear a regular bra underneath it. The dark side panels will create the illusion that you lost 20 pounds.

Here's one last dress to show you. You can buy it here.

To find several more equally flattering and stylish dresses just like the ones above, just search for "Jax Dresses" over at www.shopstyle.com.