School's Out!

Since coming to the decision to start school back again, I've lost a little steam this week about style blogging. All of the sudden browsing fashion blogs feels even more shallow than it did before and I'm having moments of feeling really silly for continuing this little vain endeavor of mine. I've gone through moments like this at least once or twice a year ever since I started this blog, so this is nothing new. I usually come back around to wanting to regularly blog again as soon as I come back from a shopping trip. 

This week is wedding week over at my family's house. My little brother is getting married on Saturday to his best friend. We are all overjoyed at the occasion and can't wait to be all together again. With our immediately family and a couple of friends, there will be 30 people packed into my parents' house. We've done this before a couple of times, and it's a blast. A noisy, chaotic, messy blast - but fun all the same.

I probably won't have time to blog, so don't expect any further posts this week (although I may surprise you).

Hope you all have a great week and enjoy the fact that school's out and summer activities are now within your reach!

I'm wearing...

Top - Gap - $6
Skirt - Target - $6
Pumps - Sam & Libby for Target - $12
Earrings - hand-me-down