Take Me Out To the Ballgame

Remember this post? I thought I found my dream diaper bag on eBay when I found this Vince Camuto "Parker" leather satchel for only $59. When it arrived I realized that it looked more used than I hoped it would, and perhaps I should have just waited to find something better, or just found a faux leather bag that fit my specifications for half the price. Nevertheless, it has a lot more room than my previous bag, and it's a lot easier to find things. The only thing I have against it is that it looks old.

This bag has been so easy to carry around, and it certainly doesn't look like a diaper bag. If it looked brand new, it would be perfect!

These camo pants are one of the steals I snagged at Gap a couple of weeks ago.

I wore this to my son's baseball game last week. Of course I had to wear my baseball t-shirt to a baseball game, right?

Click the links below to shop the outfit:

Baseball t-shirt - Asos - $20
Camo pants - Gap - $8
Converse - DSW - $20
Sunnies - Banana Republic - $17

And here's my little baseball player.

He was so cute trying to hit the ball!

He had a great little fan section.

The girls may have been a little distracted.

For the past couple of months I've been scheduling posts and getting them all done ahead of time. I do most of my blogging in the evenings. As of this post, I have nothing more scheduled until a guest post in a few weeks. It feels weird to have nothing scheduled for tomorrow. The reason for getting to this point is that I have found myself a little sidetracked from putting together outfits right now. I've been spending a lot of time getting chores done and gearing up for some upcoming trips. Instead of creating a new look, I've been reaching for the tried and true. Maybe it was just this week and after this I'll get back into creating new outfits. Either way, there may be a few pauses on the blog for this month as I get used to our summer vacation schedule and get caught up with scheduled posts again.

Hope you have a great week - Happy Monday!