Kimonos and Cuts

Today I went to the salon to get my haircut . . . with all three of my children. All three of whom sat very quietly and sweetly in the waiting area while I got my hairs did. I'm so proud of those munchkins and so grateful that I was able to get a trim without having to work my schedule around Chris being home to watch the kids!

This kimono is a hand-me-down that was given to me while I was pregnant with Capri. I don't think I ever ended up actually wearing it during the pregnancy, although I imagined I would have. I like the loose oversized look over this white tee. It was only 50 degrees this morning (I know right, this is JULY!) so I wanted a little something extra over my shoulders even though it's warming  up here quite nicely now. 

The kids and I are going to go for a 30-minute hike walk around a river in the woods at a nearby park just before heading to take CJ to karate this afternoon. I'm leaving the kimono behind, throwing my hair in a pony, and switching out the espadrilles for sneaks. Love versatile outfits like this.

I've been working a few hours here and there from home again for the company my husband works for. Just some data entry work, nothing special. I'm trying to get into the "3- hours-a-day-of-studying" rhythm for when law school starts in January. So far so good, but we aren't homeschooling right now so perhaps I'm being a little too optimistic.

I'm so excited about going back to school! I found my old syllabi for first and second year two nights ago. Pouring over those pages and all the memories came rushing back. Maybe not memories of the actual curriculum and vocabulary, but memories of those days, what life was like then, and the people in my life at that time. All good memories.

Speaking of school, we have only a couple of weeks left before I have to make sure my lesson plans are in order and my notification to homeschool is sent to our local superintendent. I don't plan to start school as early as we did last year since I don't have to worry about taking a week off for a baby or anything, but I still want to start a week earlier than the schools, which means we'll be going back pretty early in August. Maybe right after the Fair. Good times!

Kimono - hand-me-down
White tee - Everlane - $15
Jeans - Gap - $1.50 (because of rewards and coupons)
Espadrilles - Target - $8
Sunnies - Banana Republic - $17