Sun Ripened Raspberries

My favorite food ever are raspberries. Bright red ones. My in-laws know this, so when we moved here, they brought us over a few raspberry bush starts they had in their yard. We've lived here almost 5 years now and our bushes are quite grown up.

This is our first bucketful of raspberries since having the bushes!

My daughter and I had fun picking just a few more in preparation for some pie baking.

I can't give you a recipe on how we made the pies, nor can I share with you pictures on the pie making process. I did not use a recipe and I did not measure to even recite what I did. And quite frankly, in my attempt to get a flaky crust, I had trouble rolling it out, so the process was quite messy and not very pretty. 

I can assure you, however, this was a very delicious pie, which was even more delicious because it was made with the berries right in our very own backyard.

After pie making, my daughter played me pretend piano and sang a song she made up herself. She's too cute!

Lovin' this summer!