Summertime Uniform

I always find it difficult to keep outfit posts coming in the summer because I tend to gravitate towards practical shorts, tees, and flip flops for beating the heat and chasing kiddos. Nothing too exciting or interesting, especially when I'm wearing the same version of that everyday. I used to wear a lot of dresses, but finding a dress I can nurse in, isn't always easy.

However, it can't just be any pair of shorts or flip flops. I like genuine leather flips that wear well and look more polished than beach ready Havaianas styles. 

Then there are the accessories. Lately I've been wearing minimal accessories due to my daughter breaking so much of what I used to wear. I've been sticking to my silver Bulova watch, and today I added the silver bouquet necklace to bring out the silver in my shoes and watch. Hopefully Capri won't destroy this one!

Now on to tops. I've been wearing mostly sleeveless knit tees, some have embellishment, some are high low, and some are just classic v-necks. If I'm not wearing a tee, I'm wearing this jean shirt. Then the trick is to figure out if it should be untucked, half tucked, or completely tucked. my favorite is completely untucked since I have such a short torso and still have a belly from my pregnancies, but I tried all three ways for the pictures in this post.

Shorts also have to be just the right length. Too long, and I feel like my legs look like two little stumps. Too short, and I feel like I'm pushing the limit of what is appropriate for a mom of three in her thirties to wear. Enter J.Crew shorts that come in every length possible. My favorite length is the 5", which I'm wearing here.

What's your summer uniform? Do you have any tips for great dresses that are cool and easy to nurse in?

Top - Goodwill - $3
Shorts - J.Crew - $15
Flip flops - Gap - $4