White Jeans and Eyebrow Make-up

Posting in real time today. It's been a while since I've done that. 

Coming from 95 degree heat with humidity in Florida means that today's 78 degrees in Ohio calls for long pants. And what better way to celebrate summer than by pulling out the white jeans!

Top - JCPenney via Goodwill - $1.50
Jeans - Gap - $0.58 (due to GapRewards)
Wedges - Nine West via DSW - $20
Earrings and watch - gifted

I took the kids to a free movie today at the theatre. We saw The Croods. I love taking advantage of free kids movie days at the theatre. Such a special treat that reminds me that we're off of school and on summer vacation!

I thought my high/low shirt would be perfect for covering up in case my white jeans were see through (does anyone else have that problem with white jeans?).

Had to put my hair in an updo because I slathered it with coconut oil yesterday in hopes it would help my split ends. Not sure of the results yet, but at least I like the smell of coconut. I might need to do some research to find some other home remedies for split end hair repairs.

For the past few months or more I've really been into defining my eyebrows. I've always been good about keeping them tweezed and trimmed, but lately I've been using an eyebrow pencil, highlighter, brush, and gel. I only use the pencil and highlighter here and there, but I've been pretty religious about wearing the gel these days. I just feel like my face looks so much more polished with every brow hair in place.

I've also been trying to lay off the eye make-up, keeping my brows as the only drama point. I use light, neutral eyeshadows, and I've only been wearing mascara on my upper lashes.

I still wear winged eyeliner every now and again, and regular eyeliner on my bottom waterline, too. Today I'm just wearing a very slight smudging of brown on my bottom waterline.

I feel like this is an easy, fresh, and youthful look that is on trend to boot.

What are your make-up dos these days? Are you experimenting with anything new this summer?