A Practical Mom Outfit

One of the only drawbacks about nursing is how it limits your wardrobe options. I miss being able to wear all my dresses. I've been grabbing my jean skirt a lot lately as an alternative.

Speaking of skirts, I'm on the lookout at my local thrift stores for a natural waist full midi skirt (which I will more than likely hem to my knee for a more flattering look), but so far haven't had any luck. You would think such a classic item would be easy to thrift.

I might just have to double up coupons and rewards and see what Gap has to offer in the skirt department.

We have been having such a fun summer. I've been full of energy lately and am determined to plan every free day with some sort of summer outing. After the severe winter we had, I'm taking every advantage of this nice weather. I wish summer would never end. 

T-shirt - Gap - $1
Cardigan - LOFT via Goodwill - $2
Skirt - Gap - $17
Espadrilles - Nine West - gifted