Casual Date Night and Whole 30

Chris and I got to go out on a fun date night Friday. We did the whole shebang, too--we walked down to the river, chatted, had dinner, walked through all the shops, relaxed at Starbucks and then caught a late movie. We tend to stay up late most nights, but it's for practical purposes. Friday we were actually out till 1 and it wasn't because of work. That felt good. I was just a girl and he was just a boy.

The river was peaceful and the sunset beautiful. We dreamed and talked, and dreamed some more. I guess we're already grown up, but we still talk about what we'll do when we grow up.

We planned to have a real casual dinner, so I kept the look low key. If you notice, I purposely wore something that you can't easily nurse in to celebrate the fact I was baby-less for the night.

The restaurant we chose was a mediterranean place that boasted gluten free plus organic options. This was important to us because recently I chose to start the popular Whole 30 diet for the sole purpose of losing the last five to seven pounds of baby weight I had left. I had some friends and family members who lost a lot of weight on it, and I thought it would be the safest (because I'm nursing), fastest and healthiest way to lose it. My goal was to only be on it a week or two until I got the pounds off, and then add back in a few natural sugars like honey and a few gluten free grains. 

After only one week and two pounds lost, I was ready to quit, but Chris was ready to start. I've reluctantly agreed to continue the diet with him and now we're striving for the whole 30 days. The idea of taking everything enjoyable that you eat out of your diet is pretty depressing for me, but my husband is already reaping many health benefits and since I've dropped one more pound, I'll stick it out. 

Thankfully the diet didn't hinder either of us from wanting to go out to eat and we found that with a few small tweaks, mediterranean food had some great options for us!

Dress - Target (thrifted) - $5
Booties - Gap - $7
Bag - Antonio Melani - $62
Jacket - Old Navy (thrifted) - $5