Part III

This is the last set of photos from our little local tourist day trip.

After the blacksmith, we took our time waiting for our canal boat ride on The Volunteer.

The volunteers on the boat stayed in 1860's character from their dress to their conversation. A fun experience for all of us. 

The boat is pulled by two mules. Moves at a pretty slow pace: 4 miles an hour!

After the boat ride we walked back down the trails to the dam. 

Chris and the kids got down in the water and walked around. 

Capri and I stayed ashore.

The storm clouds rolled in right as we were getting ready to go and the rain poured for the drive home. Glad the weather held out until we left so we could enjoy the day.

I finally have an outfit post scheduled for you for tomorrow. I think I'm going to have to change the tagline to my blog from "style incentives for the stay at home mom" to "whatever I feel like posting from outfits to children to flowers to nonsense".