Weekend Day Trip Part II

After the saw and grist mill, we went back down to the first floor of the mill to see the blacksmith demonstration. 

I just have to say, this particular female blacksmith is an amazing woman. A Lt. at a local prison for her day job, she does blacksmithing, self defense instructing, and wedding dressmaking on the side. She also sells her blacksmith creations, plus mends fences, builds sheds, and tore out the fireplace in her house and built a new one. Now that's what I call a real woman. 

Capri was happy as long as she got held and fed at all the appropriate times.

Wasn't going for anything trendy or amazing for this trip - but it was a super comfy/casual look that kept me cool and carefree. I wish I had worn what Cassi wore. Isn't her little romper so cute?