Happy Birthday Chris!

Chris finally caught up to me this past week when he turned 32. We had a small party for him. I had planned to surprise him with a trip to Chicago this past weekend, but he preferred to travel without Capri, and I wasn't quite ready to wean her. That, and work is a little crazy for him right now. We stayed home. I was more bummed about it than he was. He, however, enjoyed not having anything to do. I think he needed a break. 

So Happy Birthday to this man of mine! This marks 10 birthdays now that I have gotten to celebrate with him. Seems like the first one we celebrated was just yesterday, and yet at the same time seems 100 years ago. We've grown and changed so much together. It was just a week after his birthday ten years ago that he proposed to me. We dreamed so much back then. We told each other that our first child would be a boy and we would call him CJ (short for Christopher Jr.). We told each other our second would be a girl and we would name her Cassandra Rose. We didn't actually think our predictions would come true. How blessed we are that we have our CJ, our Cassi Rose, and now our baby Capri! Such sweet and beautiful years we have had so far!

Look at Capri's face! I think she's ready for her Birthday cake...just a few more weeks!

 Just love that smile of his. Melts me every time. Hope I get to celebrate many more of his birthdays!