The Patriarchs

I'm really enjoying documenting our school projects each week, so here are the next set of photos for this past week's lesson. 

We were studying the patriarchs in the Bible (Father Abraham, etc.). Part of the lesson was to learn and understand the way they lived back then. We made apple oat muffins only using ingredients they might have had. We ground the wheat ourselves and only used honey to sweeten it. I explained to them all the processes that the ancients would have had to do themselves, but that we are lucky to bypass.  

After the muffins we made lentil soup. The kids did not appreciate this at all, but Chris and I sprinkled pecorino romano on it and loved it (perhaps not very authentic of that time period, but certainly made it delicious).

Our favorite adventure was building the tent. Father Abraham and his sons lived in tents, so this was a great way to give the kids an idea of what it was like to live back then.

We used a wooden ladder on top of the coffee table to give the tent some height.

And then used clothespins to keep the sheets together.

They made it the whole night sleeping in their tent!