Cylinder Seals

I bet you're wondering where my kitchen remodel photos are. Well, we had a few setbacks and it won't be done for a couple of weeks now. We did get most of it done a couple of weeks ago, but then found out that the edge pieces for the countertops might need to be ordered. And so we wait. 

In the meantime I listened to a wonderful sermon by Pete Briscoe last week titled "Bema/Judgment Day" and have been reeling in the encouragement of that message. The message was all about focusing on the eternal. If only that simple theme could stay engrained on the forefront of my mind at all times I think I would continually be at peace, always be ministering to others, and always make the right decisions.

And in other news, my zeal for all things eternal has been shaded by a cold I've been battling for almost a week. Between feeling icky and the garage sale last week, we are now one day behind on our art project for school. This was supposed to be done on Friday. Oops. Here is our casual attempt at cylinder seals, inspired by great Mesopotamian art: