I just thought I'd give a quick update on how our Whole 30 diet went. 

So let me just say that my husband and I have completely different views of the diet. He lost 15 pounds. I lost 2. I felt slightly more sluggish on the diet, he had a ton of energy. Perhaps the main difference is that I don't eat too far off from this way on a regular basis. I think I was sluggish because of not having sugar. I definitely ate a lot of sugar before the diet. However, most of my sugars came from honey, maple syrup, plain yogurts, and whole grains, NOT drinks or refined sugars. 

Since being off the diet we've continued to avoid processed foods and we've limited grains and dairy. For instance, if we have a hamburger, we opt for no cheese, take the bun off and don't use condiments that are full of sugar - only mustard. We're also continuing to eat the "Whole 30" way for at least one meal a day. 

Lastly, we have cut back on how much meat we eat, and many days cut out meat entirely. I think after eating so much meat while on the diet, we've enjoyed replacing the meat with a whole grain or legume, which we couldn't eat before. 

I now have all of my energy back and Chris continues to have energy, as well as has lost 3 more pounds! I hope our healthy food choices will be a permanent thing from now on - or at least that is the goal.