We're learning about Ancient Egypt this month. We did a salt map after our first week of school, and at the end of our second week, we made a mummy.

One part flour to two parts water was all we used to make our paste.

We ripped up narrow shreds of white paper, ran it through the paste, and then wrapped it around a Barbie doll.

The Barbie's hair probably should have been cut off before we attempted this, but we found a way to get her hair all wrapped up in the end.

Surprisingly, the kids did really well with this and since we had plenty of newspaper and plastic bags covering the work area, the project didn't get as messy as I thought.

Cassi wanted her hands washed after each strip she applied. She's such a girl.

CJ was very proud of his work and took the process very seriously - especially in awe when I described the ancient Egyptian embalming process. Anything gross gives him a thrill.

It took the mummy a whole weekend to dry, and they painted it at the start of this school week.