Kitchen Makeover In Progress

I have been absent from the blog due to a little kitchen makeover I'm working on right now. The kitchen has needed some sprucing up for a long time, but I've been hesitant to tackle such a project. Everything seemed like it would take too much time and money. 

But after putting the house up on the market, and not getting any offers after two months, we decided it was time to put a little effort in at least some cosmetic changes to the kitchen.

I had Chris take the far left cabinet out near the sink to give more walking space between the fridge and the cabinets. Then I had him tear all the tile countertops and the sink out.

I also had him cut off the overhang on the counter (it is an awkward place to have extra counterspace, or was it supposed to be a bar?).

I added the open shelving on the empty wall near the sink and replaced the old tile with granite tile.

I switched out most of the hardware (I still need to drill holes to replace the drawer pulls) and we added a tile backsplash.

New electrical outlets to be added soon.

Hoping to get some photos of the finished product up here by the end of this weekend!