A Case of the Mondays

I went to a mommy's group at our church Monday night. It was a rush of errands, schooling, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and classes all day. I was sweaty and a little on edge. But I was determined to make it to the meeting and try to enjoy myself. I walked my kids to the daycare room, dropped them off and settled into my seat where the other gals were--giddy to be free of needy children before bedtime and happy to be conversing with likeminded adults. 

Not too far into the program, I could hear my baby screaming in the hallway. She has a hardcore case of separation anxiety. What was I thinking leaving her in the nursery? 

I ended up walking the halls with her during the speaker. Not because she was crying, but because she couldn't stop squealing with delight or crawling out of my hands and getting into some other lady's purse. It was just easier to walk with her in the hallway and let her be giggly and loud all she wanted there. Thankfully I wasn't alone in the halls - other moms joined me here and there for the same reasons, so at least I didn't completely miss out on socializing. Nevertheless, in the end, I decided it was much easier to handle Capri at home and put her to bed than continue to keep her happy while I tried to participate with the others. So we left.

After a day of feeling completely unraveled, I needed a day where I felt put together. So here's to being a little inspired. Instead of blue jeans, I chose white (somehow I'll keep them from getting stained). Instead of a slouchy tee, I chose this feminine lace covered blouse. Instead of thong sandals or sneaks, I chose my classy leopard flats. Tomorrow I'll probably be back to the basics, but it felt good to don a little lace today.

And now I have to gush about this bag. It is so far proving to be my dream diaper bag. Large enough to carry two diapers, travel wipes, extra baby outfit, diaper rash cream, bandaids, nursing cover, bib, baby spoon, and applesauce pouch for the baby - and also large enough to fit all my things: full size wallet, lipstick, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, coin purse, comb, make-up compact, nail file, iPhone, and keys. Plus, it stands up on its own, is easy to clean, has a cross body strap that you can easily detach, and has satchel straps. I'm in love! Oh, and did I mention it's genuine leather and I got it on clearance for only $60?!

Top - J.Crew via Goodwill - $3
Jeans - Gap - $.58 after coupons
Flats - Gap - $7
Bag - Dillard's - $62
Sunnies - Banana Republic - $17