Style Blogging

I feel like pretty much every blogger looks the same now. Trends are catching on quicker than ever, and high fashion is at even every low-end retailer so that everyone can afford to be wearing the latest styles. I am coming across fewer and fewer gals who aren't dressing current. 

Back when I first started this style journal it was all about experimenting. Trying to find flattering styles and being as creative as possible with what limited options you had. How many ways could you remix a dress or how many accessories could you pile on was the name of the game. Vintage was huge for inspiration, and dressing up was the mantra. 

We bloggers looked ridiculous most of the time, and the few times we got it right inspired us to keep going. I felt like our tries at style were encouraging and inspiring other gals along the way.

Now the style blogging world has exploded and it's pretty hard to keep up. I miss my old dressing up ways and yet love that the trend is dressing down. I find myself completely caving to it. I like how it looks cool and effortless. I like that it is practical for my lifestyle. I feel more approachable dressed this way and I don't worry as much about staying pristine.  So yes, I'm just like all the others.

While my outfit posts will spike at the beginning of seasons or when I have some new clothes I want to document, I feel that for the most part my style blogging is on its way out. There are thousand of other style bloggers who can make up for my lack of style posts.

I can't give up my little corner of the internet, though, so I will continue blogging about my life. Outfit posts will always show up, but if you hadn't noticed, they were already becoming less and less.

I have a few more outfits I want to get up here, but soon you'll see more posts about homeschooling, my jumbled thoughts, and my family life than anything else.

Top - Banana Republic - $3 (thrifted)
T-shirt - Everlane - $15
Shorts - Ann Taylor LOFT via Goodwill - $2.50
Booties - Guess via DSW - $19