Throwback Thursday

Two years ago my little Cassi Rose wore this darling little tam hat with a pom pom and a shimmery champagne dress. It was one of my favorite outfits on her. 

This photo is one of my favorites of her and I because she is looking at me so lovingly. This is precious.

This past Sunday I donned an outfit that reminded me of what I wore two years ago. Same color palette at least. I found this champagne faux leather dress on 80% off original price at Macy's and just had to snatch it up.

So of course I pulled out Cassi's champagne dress and tam hat for little Capri. Here we are two years later, with another beautiful child to love who is looking very much like her older sister, but with blue eyes instead of brown and brown hair instead of blonde.

I adore my girls, and this picture showcases their personalities perfectly. Cassi is stubborn and full of spunk, while Capri is more concerned about safety and clingy to her momma.

But they are both beautiful and charming and have my heart.

I mean, how can I ever say no to these two beauties?

And my little man - he puts up with a lot with all these girls around!

Have to post this photo because Cassi is just shining.

But CJ is shining in this one.

And Capri in this one.

And in case you didn't notice - Capri and I match.