Catching Up

I thought I'd recap our holidays for you with some random iPhone photos and a few little tidbits...

After I posted the refashioned dress the week before Christmas, Cassi and I did indeed get sick with some kind of stomach bug. I was the first down on Sunday night. Thankfully my husband had already taken some vacation time the week of Christmas, so he was able to watch the children that Monday while I took a true sick day confined to my bed. Last year I was sick like this in Alaska, and Chris was around to watch the kids then, too. I feel pretty spoiled being able to take true sick days two years in a row. Rare for a mom, don't you think you moms out there?

On my very spoiled sick day, in the moments that I wasn't sleeping or writhing in pain, I took the time to exercise my brain by playing an intellectual game on my phone called Whirly Word as well as exercise my vanity by taking numerous attractive selfies such as this one below.

And speaking of vanity, the day after being sick I was determined to still make my hair appointment that I had been scheming about for the past month or more (has anyone noticed my constant pinning of hairstyles on Pinterest lately?). It was time for a big change. Something less fussy and practical as I approach becoming a mother of four and becoming a 3rd year law student. In the process I was able to donate my old hair, which made me feel better about the whole process. I haven't regretted the cut yet, so I'm glad I made the change.

Cassi was sick the day of my haircut and continued to stay sick through Christmas Eve. My in-laws didn't mind, though, and insisted we still come over for our annual Christmas Eve party with them. They took CJ with them to the Christmas Eve service and Chris and I stayed at their house in an attempt to get the girls to nap so they would be able to stay up late afterwards for present opening. So I didn't get to wear my new dress or anything, but I got something more special...

Capri was very cuddly with me and ended up falling asleep on my shoulder for her nap. In the soft glow of Christmas lights and smells of Christmas foods wafting from the kitchen, I curled up on the bed with Capri and took the time to worship my Savior and revel in the importance, splendor and true meaning of Christmas. Watching my sleeping babe nestled in my arms made me easily visualize baby Jesus and wonder about that special night when he was born. I can't say that I've ever had that much alone time to worship God on such a hallowed day before this, so this Christmas was probably the most special I've ever had.

Due to Cassi recovering from her stomach bug, we decided to postpone our annual drive up to Michigan to see my family and opted to stay home on Christmas Day. I was worried that I would feel incomplete without that trip to my parents', but I couldn't have felt more full. Watching Chris read the Christmas story to the children before present opening and then see him spend all day playing with them with their new Christmas toys was too precious.

My contribution to the special day was not as heartwarming, but fun nonetheless. I had promised to take CJ to Into The Woods, so we skipped out later in the afternoon to make it to our movie, completing our trip with selfies in the theatre lobby like any self respecting parent and child would.

The Saturday after Christmas we made it up to Michigan just in time for a big Christmas feast, which we followed up the week with eating out, shopping, ice skating, lots of family game time, singing and even a few cozy naps by the fire. Our trip culminated in a big family New Year's Eve party - one of the most fun I've ever had. 

The day that for the past ten years I thought I'd never see finally arrived on Friday, the 2nd. Third year law studies began! I'm taking three classes--Criminal Procedure, Evidence, and Legal Writing III. So far the lessons are going great and I'm finding plenty of time to get my assignments done. I start my studies at 6:30 AM, get an hour or two in, get in some study time in the afternoon and then finish up with a couple of hours in the evening after the kids go to bed. 

Our 2015 goals include spending more time with the kids, making meal times more fun by having family cooking times as we continue to strive for clean eating this year as we did last year, and being better about saving money by limiting our travel, restaurant, and home maintenance budgets.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years and are enjoying the fresh start that every new year brings! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from my family to yours!