Hiking in the Snow

I hate to admit this, but we have chosen to stay indoors for most of this Winter. The extreme temperatures and the fact that I spend all my free time studying now means that our adventures have been few and far between. Thankfully, my little brother changed that for one afternoon when he decided to pay us a little visit yesterday during his Spring break. My brother, Travis, is quite the wildlife expert, so even on our little hike in the woods at a nearby park we learned the names of trees, animals, and a few dos and don'ts of how to interact with nature. 

God must have known the trip was coming, because the weather was perfect for our little outing. 30 degrees in sun is quite a treat for us these days. Not to mention a fresh coating of snow from the night before. It couldn't have been more beautiful. This was just what I needed to appreciate our wintry weather.

We stopped at a nearby field for additional bird watching after our little hike, and then ended at our favorite coffee shop for hot cocoa and cookies.

So grateful for my brother who made our boring school day an interesting a school day!