March Homeschooling

We went through a bit of a dry spell during our history lessons for the past couple of months, and are finally back into some fun stuff that the kids can actually understand. 

We made stone pendants while learning about ancient Greece - this was a big hit, and I think the excessive wrapping that CJ did on the stone looks pretty cool.

And look at this handsome boy! He is such a good student in that he loves to learn and he loves doing school. I am blessed.

If Lego designing and building counted as school, we met our 900 hours for the year months ago. 

This little cutie doesn't have a lot of patience for some of the projects we do, but she's a good little playmate for Capri and has learned to play on her own pretty well while Capri is napping. She is also doing pretty well on her sight words.

And our baby is finally walking and learning to say a few words here and there. She still wants to be the baby, though, so we'll have our hands full when Cecily arrives!