Holy Week

With how sick we were the week leading up to and for weeks after Christmas, we did not get to do half of those holiday activities I had planned. Thankfully, we have been healthy this week leading up to Easter, so we've been able to hit on a few activities this week. 

First up, The Easter Story Wreath (see here for instructions and printouts). 

Our second project for the week was to paint clay pots. We filled them with candy and brought one (plus, kept one) to a friend that we met up with for a playdate. A cuter idea for painting clay pots can be found here.

The third project was a joint effort with friends. We colored hot Easter eggs with crayons so that the wax would melt onto the egg, forming a type of paint. This did not work out so well with the younger children. I should have waited till the eggs were not as hot! For instructions, click here

For our fourth project, our friend brought over the supplies to make Empty Tomb Rolls to make after we colored the eggs. This was a tasty and effective visual for the children to learn the Easter story. For the recipe, click here

We were able to attend our church's Maunday Thursday service, which included a foot washing ceremony. This visual really helped to drive home the importance of The Last Supper and the magnitude of how powerful these events really are. CJ was old enough to appreciate it all and has been making the most precious comments about all of the festivities. 

Good Friday was very somber. CJ particularly understood what Good Friday meant and he was very sad. To cheer us up before the church ceremony we had planned to attend that night, we invited the extended family over to come color Easter eggs with us to complete our fifth project for the week. 

The Good Friday service was very moving. The Scripture readers read with such passion, and the candle light and silence throughout the service gave each of us a chance to really think about that dreadful day so many years ago. I don't think there was a dry eye in the room. 

But now we anticipate the best day of the year. The day that Jesus triumphs. The day that we see prophesy fulfilled at it's best. The day that promises us eternal life and hope and forgiveness. He will rise from the dead, He will save us from our sins, He is the Spotless Lamb! 

So to celebrate this anticipation, we made little Spring Nests out of Rice Krispie treats and Cadbury Mini Eggs for our sixth and final holiday project for the week to represent new life. We enjoyed getting our hands sticky and creating our little nests and we can't wait to eat them tomorrow for Resurrection Sunday! For the recipe, click here

Wishing you all a blessed Easter filled with love, forgiveness, hope, joy, and gratefulness!