Two Week Photoshoot

Cecily is two weeks old today. I took these photos quick this morning while the light was still soft on our front porch. Isn't she beautiful?

Parents talk about how their youngest children have the least amount of photos. For me it is opposite. My oldest has the least and I get more and more with each child.

I'm recovering really well and feel just about back to normal already. Ceci sleeps really well at night now so I'm getting enough sleep that I don't even have to take a nap. Ceci's one week check up showed weight gain since birth, so she's definitely eating well, too!

I've tried to hit the books to catch up on the whole week I took off of studying (that I hadn't planned on taking off), but it has been slow going. I'm getting the bare minimum in.

I'm also trying to get a lot of walking in since I feel very much healed already. The weather is so perfect for walks and at least the two youngest enjoy them.

Between studying, walking, taking care of the new baby and breastfeeding/pumping, I can definitely say that my house is looking pretty unkempt these days and I'm looking forward to when our routine is such that I can get some cleaning done. For now I'm just going to be proud of myself when I get a shower in and can put some make-up on.

Now that I'm feeling better I'm starting to really feel the fact that I didn't travel yet this year. I do have a couple of trips planned for Michigan to see my parents, but no beach trips, no lake trips, and no vacation. It's just so hard with a newborn, and before this I was feeling too miserable to enjoy anything. I hope I can make up for it next year!

Well, sorry for all of these scattered/random thoughts. Physically I may be better, but mentally I'm even more scatterbrained than I was while I was pregnant!

Hope you are enjoying your summer. I'm hoping to start enjoying mine now too!