One Month Photos Almost a Month Late!

I posted these photos on Facebook and forgot to put them up on here. The pictures are from August 10th, when Ceci turned one month old. 

We were in Michigan when these were taken. The two older children were enjoying a cousin's camp that my brother and his wife hosted for a few days. Capri and Ceci stayed with me at my parents where my other brother and his wife, three other brothers, and my sister and her youngest were all staying. 

We left Michigan a week later taking with us my oldest niece, Emma. Emma is 10 years old and was as helpful as if I had another adult around. Between CJ's help (which is quite a lot for an 8-year old) and Emma's help, I was able to do a lot of fun things without too much hassle. We spent one day at my in-laws at their pool, one day at the zoo and then one day at the fair. That week was pretty much the only week I had to do "summer" things since I was finally almost 6 weeks postpartum and physically doing a lot better to handle going out so much. Plus, it was the last week before homeschooling started.

Emma left the Thursday before school started, even though we had already started easing into a few things already. That Friday we started school and the following Monday (the 24th) was my 6-week postpartum check-up and our first official full day of school.

Amidst all of this we've been working on updating the house in order to get it ready to list it for sale by Labor Day. Between law school, homeschooling, house projects that keep us up well past midnight, a new baby, and all the other little things we're doing, life is definitely continuing full speed for us.

Cecily has been a very easy baby, content to just sit in her bouncy seat or lay on a blanket on the floor so that I can do things like keep up with the yard work/mowing, keep up with he house work, study three hours a day, homeschool about 4-5 hours a day, grocery shop when needed, keep up with the meal making and the laundry, even get the oil changed - plus help Chris with all the painting and house projects. She usually wakes up around 5-6AM, but every once in a while she'll wake up at 4AM and sometimes she'll sleep in till 8...and that's with a bedtime of about 10PM! Nonetheless, I do feel pretty exhausted still and sometimes my to do list really overwhelms me. But by God's grace we're getting it all done.

We love our little angel who never seems to mind the craziness that's going on around her and still gives us smiles and coos whenever we coax them out of her. Happy one-month Birthday, Cecily!