Kelleys Island

Last week our family enjoyed a two night stay at Kelleys Island Venture Resort on Kelleys Island on Lake Erie. We stayed in the two story suite so we could have the kids sleep upstairs and have the downstairs room to ourselves. Plenty of space for our little family of six!

The first day we took advantage of the resort pool and hot tub. The second day we did more swimming, bike riding, and walking. The last day we enjoyed the beach that we had all to ourselves for the first hour or more. The weather was perfect and the gentle waves made the kids feel like it was a real beach.

Capri was in heaven with all the sand and free reign to run.

Cecily was so easy we stayed on the beach for three hours without any problems or hassle. She either napped in her carseat or laid out on a beach towel in the shade.

CJ was like a fish in the water and barely got out of the water except to eat.

And best of all . . . I got to lay out and soak up some sun. I even am slightly tan now. It may be September, but at least I finally got enough sun for it to show!