An Easy How-to: Turning Straight Leg Jeans Into Skinnies

So gals, I'm knee-deep in boxes and my head is jam packed with last minute cramming for finals . . . I'm not gonna lie, I've been super stressed. 

Whenever things get crazy like this I usually have to stop a minute, play piano, draw or MAKE SOMETHING. Sometimes having some kind of creative outlet is all I need to help with stress. So I decided to make my stress reliever project re-fashioning a pair of children's sized overalls to fit me. 

I bought these silly overalls in the girls' section at Gap. They are size XXL girls, but they fit and cost me less than $4. Why not, right? I just felt like I looked a little juvenile in them as is. Maybe you all like the baggier look of them better, but I wanted something a little more tailored. 

So I decided to take in the seams at the leg . . .

All I did was turn the legs inside out and use a bar of soap to draw a line where I would re-stitch the seam. I drew the line on the inner side of the leg because the outside had the seam showing.

Then I stitched a straight line over the soap line.

After this, I turned them inside out and tried them on. I thought they needed to be taken in some more, so I just drew another line with the soap and stitched another straight line over it.

After testing this new size out and approving it, I then zig zagged the edge, double stitched the seam, and cut off the excess fabric.

So now I have $4 kids' overalls that look a little more grown up. Plus, I got to do something fun and creative in the midst of studying and packing. 

If you have a pair of baggy jeans that you'd rather be skinny jeans, this method would work on just about any pants. It's not the most professional alteration, but it really does look great and it's super easy. Let me know how it goes if you give it a try!

Ok, now back to cramming . . .