Hello to 2016

Hi friends. I'm still here. The weeks leading up to Christmas and the week after Christmas just flashed by. This week things slowed down and I am at peace. I've slept in several mornings. I've actually had a few moments of just sitting down and playing with my children. I've had and scheduled a few playdates. I haven't lost my temper at anyone - even when we locked ourselves out of our van after a shopping trip at Costco on a cold, rainy day. In fact, the high stress year of 2015 seems to have completely disappeared from my mind within this first week and a half of 2016.

God is good. He had everything worked out for us all along. Our house closed exactly the day that the rental was free. We got everything moved over with the help of family and friends in just one weekend. We got everything unpacked and hung on walls within a day or two after the move.

I spent the first week at home canceling all appointments and doing nothing but being with my kids. So by Saturday I needed to get out - run errands, get groceries, and I even got some shopping in with my Christmas money. Of course I may or may not have squeezed in quite a bit of online window shopping in first to give me some inspiration. Always impressed by the cute clothes online at Simons. Do you follow me on Instagram? I snapped a photo of one of my treasures from the Saturday shopping haul.

Below are some random unedited photos of us after the move, most of which did not make it on Instagram:

A shot of the kids playing out on our enclosed front porch of our rental house (note the coats that are necessary - Winter has definitely arrived).

 The living room of our rental before I paint the wood paneling white (after picture to come soon).

My little spot at our new place. 

The kids enjoying berries and toast at the breakfast bar of our new place (this breakfast bar being of my favorite things about this house).

 Some artwork from my kids that they did during our week spent at home.

 Snapping a quick photo of these boyfriend jeans for my sister's approval.

A quick shot of Cecily for her 6-month Birthday (this was actually the first month Birthday I missed! I took this photo the day after her Birthday).