Cassi Turns Five

I know it's been a while since I've written about anything real on here. Things are good. I'm happy. God is good. I still feel like we're in a resting period. You could say waiting period, but resting sounds better. We feel like we're on the brink of something, but we don't know what yet. And until then, I'll call this the resting period.

We have full weekends until this summer, but that full schedule leads to a completely open schedule soon, and I cannot wait. I need to really focus on my school this year. I need to choose a senior paper topic, and I need to start preparing for the bar next year. I'm scared stiff about having to take the bar, but as of right now I know I need to pursue this. One step at a time. 

Cassi turned five this week and we had fun celebrating her special day. Her homeschooling will really start to take flight now and I will enter a new stage of homeschooling with having a kindergartener and a fourth grader this Fall. I'm looking forward to that stage. 

My half marathon is a week from Sunday. I didn't train as much as I had planned to, but I know I can do it and it will be fine. I just won't be hitting any PRs or anything like that. I might do a 25K a few weeks after that then, too. Long distance running makes me happy and I'd like to slowly work up to a marathon distance as soon as I have the time for that training. 

So that's life for me right now. 

 A flowering tree in our front yard

 Chocolate cake and roses for our little Cassandra Rose's Birthday

Happy Birthday to our dear, sweet, Cassandra Rose!