Cecily's Dedication Day and her 10-Month Birthday

This dress is a special dress. My Great Aunt Marilyn bought it for my Mom for me to wear on the day I was baptized as an infant. After having me, my parents left the Catholic Church for Protestant Evangelical churches that did not believe in infant baptism, but still had special services for parents to dedicate their babies to the Lord, similar to what Hannah did for her son Samuel in the Old Testament (but not quite as drastic). I think my sisters wore it for their dedication days. And now, all three of my girls have worn it. 

Cecily Renee was dedicated to God at Archbold Evangelical Church on Mother's Day, May 8th, 2016. Always such a good reminder that our children are not ours - we just get to borrow them for a precious little while. 

Cecily's new little cousin, Gemma, also was dedicated the same day, in a little heirloom dress of her own. The sweet girl babies looked so adorable!

And then, just like that, two days after her dedication, Cecily turned 10 months old. Still no teeth, still not crawling, but as happy and content as can be - smiles for everyone, and constant happy baby cooes.