My First Time at Niagara Falls

Just last week Chris decided that we should go somewhere for our anniversary. I've never been to Niagara Falls and he's been wanting to take me since we got married. We quickly planned our last minute, one-night stay there and it was wonderful. My in-laws were gracious enough to keep our children for us, so the weekend was very romantic and relaxing. We splurged on a nice hotel overlooking the Falls that was just perfect. After taking a scenic walk, we took a ride on the Hornblower to get an up close and personal look of the Falls (and also get completely drenched). 

We drove out there through Canada, crossing over at Detroit. Passed lots of farmland until about 30 miles from Niagara, we hit Vineland, Ontario. Beautiful wineries were everywhere on the rolling countryside. We stopped at the Kacaba vineyard and learned so much about the winemaking process. 
After that we stopped at another winery (forget the name) and enjoyed their veranda and their wine. 

We took a walk around Horseshoe Falls and came across this beautiful old 1904 building - originally a Toronto power plant - before ending at these beautiful gardens full of ornate birdhouses, copious amounts of tulips, and flowering trees.

After enjoying Friday at Niagara, Saturday at Niagara and then in Cleveland on our way home to shop, we decided to spend Saturday out hiking with the kids and then out for ice cream. As long as we kept our pace up, the mosquitoes avoided us (that and we used lavender oil in vinegar) so the hike was a lot of fun.

More fun times to be had tomorrow to complete our four-day weekend anniversary fun!

11 years of wedded bliss - looking forward to many more!