Cecily is 11 Months Old Today

It has been fun to watch Cecily develop so much this past month. She learned how to crawl; clap; say "dada", "uh-oh", and "mama"; pull herself up to standing; and feed herself food pouches or finger foods. She still hasn't cut a tooth, but I'm certain that is going to be her next milestone. This month has made me realize just how quickly the baby stage passes. I adore the baby stage and am feeling so nostalgic about it passing already. 

Since our vacation to Niagara, I've been spending all free-time focusing on cramming for finals that are in less than two weeks. I only have two exams, but the one exams is four hours long and I have a lot riding on it. The other exam is only three hours long, but the practice multiple choice questions I've been doing are really throwing me for a loop. So tricky! Needless to say, I'm freaking out and trying to not get burnt out in my preparation for these exams...but I am burnt out. Already. 

CJ finished third grade this past Tuesday. I'm so proud of him. We took about 5 weeks working on practice tests and getting him caught up to speed on language arts that I had held him back in to prepare him for the standardized test he takes at the end of the school year every year. Chris administered the test and can attest to the fact that CJ did a good job. Now to get Cassi reading -- she starts kindergarten this Fall!