Picture Update of my Brother's Wedding in Alaska

The first week in August I got to spend a week in Alaska to celebrate my brother's wedding. It was such a wonderful time of getting to know my new sister-in-law better, bonding with all of my siblings, and getting to explore a little bit more of Alaska (all photos of exploration were on my Snapchat and Instagram). 

I enjoyed every minute of my trip and am so grateful I was given the opportunity to go. It was a refreshing, relaxing time thanks to my awesome hosts (my big brother and his wife) with a lot of fun and excitement mixed in too. 

This was from the sister initiation - a ritual we Mangione girls do to welcome a new sister to the family.

This was my rehearsal dinner outfit - most comfy pants ever and my new favorite shoes.

My sister Jo wrote a song for the bride-to-be and groom-to-be. She had all the sisters perform it at the rehearsal dinner.

The bride and groom listening to our little performance. 

Everyone from my family who came to the wedding (except the bride and groom) at the rehearsal dinner!

The wedding was outdoors overlooking the Cook Inlet.

 My older brother and his wife who hosted me for the week.

A few brothers and a groomsmen looking dapper.

Somehow I convinced my sis to dress like me for the wedding - something she used to never do once she was old enough to overpower me. Somehow I won this time! ha!

 Where the couple said their vows was breathtakingly beautiful.

A little too cold without our trench coats, but we managed just for the picture.

Different shoes, though, of course. :-)

My baby sis played the processional. It was perfect. 

Pretty maids all in a row.

My brother and my new sis!

Had to snap a pic with the bride!

It has been a while since the original four sisters have been together. So good to spend time with my favorite girls!

Mom had to get in on all the love!

Can't wait to go back and get more pictures of the mountains and the forests of Alaska. Such a beautiful place.