First Day of School

This post comes to you in the midst of calm. There is definitely adventure on the horizon with an accepted offer on a house (we bought a foreclosed farmhouse on five acres...more on that later), but for the past two weeks, everything has slowed way down and I feel like I can breathe again. A welcome change after the crunch of the past couple of months. In the past two weeks no one has gotten sick, I had no looming exams, no trips, nothing but a bit of a tornado scare last night. This is the perfect way to start a new school year. Refreshed, at ease, and ready to tackle what lies ahead.

My kids could not wait to start school. I had planned on starting late but since they begged, we had a practice run yesterday, and our first official day started today. CJ started 4th grade and Cassi started kindergarten. They both couldn't be more excited.

I can honestly say I still love homeschooling and all that comes with it. Getting to stay at home with my children to not only take care of them, but also teach them--making sure these two get one-on-one instruction from someone who cares more about them than anyone else possibly could, is a privilege I don't take lightly. We started our school year as we will do every school day after--with lots of prayers. We know there will be a lot of bumps along the road, but being together and working through those bumps will be the even greater lessons than our actual academic work.

Here's to school year 2016-2017--God bless!