Taste of the Country

Today I couldn't go work at the farm. I had to clean and mow at our rental home, finish spray painting the last two of four schooldesks/chair combo, finish my homework, and then pick up groceries. Keeping up two houses will definitely stretch us, but we'll just take it one step at a time. It's temporary so it will be fine. Chris is doing most of the work at the farm, and I'm keeping up with the house here. 

We did some major demo work on Tuesday (see the video of it collapsing here), and then did some major clean up of it all yesterday. Operation "Tear Down the Attached Garage" is complete. Hopefully the new one will be up by Thanksgiving. 

My senior seminar paper's first draft is due in two and a half weeks. Even though I'm a little behind, I'm confident that I'll get it done on time. Once the first draft is done, I have to work on a senior research paper in another class. Those two papers feel like the only real hurdles left in law school. The end is so close I can taste it and it tastes great. Then I will fully embrace country life and spend all my extra time working on the farm. And I can't wait. 

The kids and I have been weeding the rock bed around the pond every chance we get. Thankfully the weeds easily pull right out since the ground around there is moist. It's a great little chore that the kids can do, plus they enjoy trying to gross me out with all the worms they find.