Rooms Finished at the Farm and DC

Here are some photos of the house and my latest trip to DC for work with some of the students we work with:


The hallway upstairs with refinished floors. We've since gotten the banister up.

CJ's room with his Michigan rug (trim needs repainted to clean up all the stain splashing from the floor).

Pretty wall in the girls' bedroom minus the dresser that goes under the mirror (we'll move the dresser in once we actually move).

Love the wood trim in the girls' room.

Cute bunkbeds I got from a friend that fit so nicely in the girls room!

This is a corner in our school/play/guest room adjacent to the girls' room. This room will ALWAYS be a mess until these girls go to bed--toys are always out! 

Teepee fun in the school/play room.

Fun light fixture for this room.

Selfie at our pond while I was out picking up stray branches in the yard on one of the warm days we've had this Winter.

 Uncle Trav came last minute to visit us and help at the farm on his only free day of his Spring Break!

As part of a youth event through The RIDGE Project where I work, we got to chaperone 11 of our students on a trip to Washington, DC, to meet with legislators and speak to them about the character training and their commitment to avoid risky behaviors. Really neat trip full of learning, relationship building, and fun!

Wish I could have seen some of my friends in the DC area while I was there, but couldn't leave my 16-person entourage. Hopefully I'll be out again for a personal trip so I can see old friends soon!