The Days Before the Wedding

Chris and I took a little getaway to San Pedro, California, to celebrate my brother's wedding. We were only there for a few days, but somehow we managed breakfast out with my siblings, surfing, shopping, checking out the tourist spots, and long strolls on the beach - not to mention bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsals, rehearsal lunch, and the WEDDING!

One of our favorite family traditions is the sister hazing we inflict upon incoming sisters. YoonJu had to complete four assignments before we accepted her in to the sisterhood.

The first challenge was that she had to arm wrestle each of the sisters, including the nieces!

We also competed amongst ourselves to see who was strongest. Jo was the strongest of us all!

Then we did a blindfold taste test where YoonJu had to guess what traditional Italian foods she was tasting.

Prosciutto, dried black olives, artichoke hearts, pecorino romano, anchovies, ladyfingers, lupini beans, fennel seed, mascarpone, citron, and cannoli were on the menu. 

After the taste test, we made YoonJu write a song to Nathaniel in four different languages (she speaks more than four languages). And then we filmed it and posted it on social media. After the song she had to pose us all and do the mannequin challenge - posting it on her social media afterwards.

Once she made it through all of these challenges, we finally had her repeat the vow of sisterhood over a flame.

Welcome to the sisterhood YoonJu!

Our initiation isn't complete without a round of prayers to bless the marriage.

The house we stayed at was two blocks from the ocean. I got a couple of walks down to the pier in and one short run.

The night before the wedding we were all pretty full of energy!

Last minute preparations, with stolen glances and big smiles all throughout!