Just a Few Touches

It's almost August which means that it's almost September. On September 30, everything we told the bank we'd renovate must be complete in order to fulfill our renovation loan agreement. We've accomplished so much, but when we look at all that is left to do it seems like what we've done is so little. I'm trying to do the little things like insert the recessed lighting, paint, screw in the outlet covers, and of course, decorate. But there are a lot of big things left to do. And yet here I sit, looking at my new silk rose on my dresser and just wishing I had time to finally refinish my dresser instead of do all of these other projects.

The dresser will most certainly have to wait.

In the meantime, though, Chris and I went to IKEA yesterday and picked up these nifty little storage units to use as nightstands. We wanted something with lots of storage that would have a small thumbprint, and be modern and clean. These fit the bill and were only $39 a piece!

 Our master bathroom is one of the biggest projects we have left outside of the kitchen. Nevertheless, we did get our crystal chandelier up, minus a few lightbulbs. I'll be finishing up the painting in an hour or so.

See these cool round mirrors sitting amidst the chaos? Well, if I get all the painting done tonight, Chris will hang them for me! They will go above our double vanity. Rose gold sconces will flank them. And it will look perfect.

I got my closet painted a nice feminine shade of shell pink or blush. The deal was that if I painted our room and bathroom Chris's favorite color (dark blue), I could paint our closet and our laundry room my favorite color. And yes, our little laundry room will be this fabulous shade of pink as well. And I love it!

Note the old garage siding I screwed to the wall to store my heels on. Above the shoes I'll have rods to hang my clothes one day. First we have to get the sub flooring in so I can install the hardwood floor. Then there's the trim. So much trim is needed EVERYWHERE. It is so overwhelming!

Speaking of trim, the trim around our bedroom windows will be painted white as soon as I get around to it. I do not intend to leave them this natural wood color.

Instead of painting last night I was browsing Marketplace on Facebook and found this gray, solid wood dresser only 15 minutes away from our house for only $30. It fits all three of the girls' clothes and looks absolutely perfect in their room! 

Cecily's party decorations have made their way to the girls' room finally.

I think the girls need an oversized sheepskin rug to cozy up on in here, don't you?

 We hung our very first picture in the family room finally. It really is everything.

And I can't begin to tell you how convenient it is to have the TV right above the mantle where you can turn it every which way to watch. I may or may not have turned it towards the kitchen so I can watch while I'm cleaning or cooking.

Now here's to hoping somehow we can finish all the cabinets, pour all the cement countertops, lay all the wood floor, and finish the entire master bath before September 30. No biggie, right?!