Sunless Tanning

The fashion world keeps trying to tell us that tanning beds are unfashionable since they are so unhealthy, yet, all the celebrities and fashion models tend to have a beautiful glow about them that we all know isn't always because they are spending all that much time in the sun. While I have succumbed to the temptation of the tanning bed several times, and probably still will, I am always working towards a healthier lifetsyle, which includes never going to a tanning bed again.

My solution for the past couple of years has been tinted moisturizers.

I've used Jergen's gradual tan/moisturizer and was really pleased with the results. The first year I used it, I thought it gave me a nice glow, but it smelled pretty bad. The second year (last year) I thought it smelled better, but noticed that it didn't "tan" me as well as I would have liked. I did appreciate the firming solution they added as I always felt I jiggled a little less after I used it.

This year I'm all about L'Oreal's Sublime Glow moisturizer. I've been shocked at how much darker I've gotten from using it (darker than Jergens ever got me), and especially appreciate the sheen it gives to my skin. You can purchase a tube at any drugstore or supermarket for anywhere between $6-$10. It is definitely worth it.

Even if you are still stuck in the rut of using the tanning bed, a lotion like this always helps to even out the tan and give you a nice glow. I use it after I get out of the shower on just my legs and sometimes even my face. Also, if I've spent some time in the sun, it helps to even out tan lines on my shoulders.

What sunless tanning products have you found work for you?