Answer to a Reader Question

I have a question. Do you get most of your clothing ebay? You seem to get really good deals on your clothes. Can you give me some tips? I don't have a h&m in my city where else can I purchase their clothes?

I would say I get most of my clothes from Target, actually, but I do find a few things off Ebay. I think one of the best ways to be sure you find great deals is to shop at the end of the season when everything is on super clearance. In other words, I probably won't find a winter coat until March or so when all the winter coats will be on sale. That means I have to pay attention to what will stay in style for at least a year so I can be sure I'm buying something that will still be fashionable that following year. I also pour over J.Crew catalogs and then look on Ebay for the same item for much less.

As for H&M, I know they are now selling their clothes online, and they even have a virtual changing room where you can try items on a virtual model to see what you like. You might try that!

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