Just Another Day

I bought this dress without my husband present, which was a risk (my husband has very strong opinions about what I should wear). I love the dress - it's so girly and fun! Nevertheless, when I first brought it home to my husband several months ago, he claimed that it was a bit too frumpy for him. Whatever that means. I'm sure some of you can see what my husband sees, but for those of you who appreciate girly/feminine clothes, then you will probably appreciate what I see in this dress.

This picture below was edited to blur out a zit I have on my chin. While I was blurring, I decided I might as well blur out my buck teeth that were sticking out of this slight smile. Now it looks like my lips just got botox. Hee hee!
Flower cotton dress - Kohl's - $7.20
White cami - Bali - $9.99
Pink shiny cutout flats - JCPenney - $4.99
Periwinkle drop earrings (that you can't see in the picture) - gifted

I plan on carrying my spring green JCpenney bag while I'm out today. It brings out the green in the dress perfectly!